Fulgor Sedano

According to our guests, this is one of our most romantic suites, thanks to its layout and décor. 
Located on the first floor, it’s quite spacious and has a view of our garden. Because of its location, it is one of our most private and discrete suites. The furnishings include a desk and an armoire with a television set, among others.
Bathroom: This is the only suite in the hotel with a bidet. An ample archway opens up to the two-person bathtub, set under a dome that allows the midday sun to illuminate the room. It also has both traditional and cold-water showerheads.
Fulgor Sedano was the administrator of “La Media Luna” hacienda, property of Pedro Páramo. He served as Pedro’s accomplice in all his endeavors. He was charged with asking for Doloritas’ hand in marriage and quieting the rumors about his boss.

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